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Courtney Love: One thing you've always done, I realized recently, is write about these muses, these other females, these goddesses. These parts of yourself. You don't write big, sexy love ballads about men. I wondered why that was for you? Because I do the same thing. I was listening to a song of Billy Corgan's yesterday called "I Need a Lover." It's sexy, okay. But I'm listening and I'm going, I can't write like this.
Stevie Nicks: You know who else asked me that same question a long time ago: Prince. We were really close for a while--we never went to bed together, but we had something that was very, very special. And he always said, Why don't you write songs that are more sexual? And I said, Well, because that's not the way I am in my real life. I am not a person who walks naked through the house. I will always have something beautiful on. It will be beautiful, and it will enhance me.
Courtney Love: Maybe what Prince was trying to say is you should be more, "I want to fuck you, baby."
Stevie Nicks: But I believe that there is a certain amount of mysticism that all women should have, that you should never tell all your secrets, that you should never tell everybody all about you. I never have.
It’s not only about sadness or depression, it’s much more about sex. Okay, not only sex. But it’s much more about the way i feel about me, my body, myself.
Sometimes i can feel sexy as hell, but sometimes i just wake up with the wrong foot.
That’s how i am, i respect and accept it, or at least, i learned to accept.

I’m so fucking tired of it all, i can’t sleep, i don’t wanna eat, i barely breathe. I’m tired, too god damn tired of just existing, and not living my life as i should live.

Me: there's something hurting me.
Doctor: where?
Me: inside my chest.
Doctor: Relax, it must be ur heart. But i don't have a remedy for that.

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